Gaerea – Limbo

It was just a little over three years ago when the world was given something that could easily be considered game-changing by many in extreme opinions to, at the very least, something that cannot be missed whatsoever. “Unsettling Whispers” from Gaerea was their proper first step into the world of metal, and what a grand step it was! They were simply infectious to anyone who heard it and even years later I haven’t heard a single negative thing about it. But the question sat – could they follow up an album with such magnitude like what “Unsettling Whispers” brought to the table? It wasn’t long into their sophomore full-length that I quickly came to the simple answer: of course!

Just take everything that Gaerea did three years ago, and, somehow, turn it up another few notches in every department. It blows my mind that I’m able to say that because of how much of a landmark album the previous effort was, but it’s here with “Limbo” that a new standard is set and it is the exact opposite of anything that anyone should dare underestimate. Despite having fewer tracks this time around, this record boasts a long runtime by ten minutes, and Gaerea capitalizes on every single one of those minutes to their absolute maximum potential without exception. Two of those tracks run over ten minutes by themselves, and they’re the best parts of “Limbo” if you ask me as they serve as perfect bookends to an endlessly cathartic record that’s just as heart-wrenching in an odd sensation as it is unrelenting caustic. What happens in between is the exact sort of material that people wanted to hear from Gaerea on the second time around, and there’s no way to deny that they delivered 100% in every single instance from the haunting vocals, occasional atmosphere that provides ungodly contrast, and the instrumentation that is no less than corrosive; “Limbo” fucking has it all!

This will undoubtedly be popping up all over the place now that it’s upon the world, and I expect the same exact thing at the end of the year when we all look behind us, for this has a shit ton of lasting power. Gaerea dug deeper yet again for this record, but it’s here that they tapped into something that they haven’t done before, and you can really feel that even though “Limbo” is virtually the same sonically when compared to its predecessor. Yet, it’s energy feels anything but identical when you properly drown yourself into the Void and all the gifts it has to offer, chief among them Gaerea. This act proved to be one of a kind last time, but now we can say with absolute certainty and without a shred of doubt that Gaerea is a band that won’t be going away anytime soon, won’t get old quickly by any means, nor will it’s power diminish into anything pitiful so long as the original unholy flame burns strong in the souls of these musicians, and I’ve no doubt that will last for so long.

I feel confident in saying that this was high up on many peoples’ lists for highly anticipated albums, and there’s no denying that Gaerea has delivered the goods in absolute spades and then some. “Limbo” is another piece that definitely must be heard to be believed, and it will be with each progressive track that you will find yourself falling deeper into the complex world of catharsis and raw power that Gaerea is constantly weaving around us. By the end, you’ll be wrapped in a blanket of condensed stars and dark matter that’s so unexpectedly comfortable that you’re never going to want to leave it.

LISTEN to “Limbo” on Bandcamp here.

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