Cosmic Club – Aurora

There are so many different takes on the concept of stoner rock that’s is pretty ridiculous. More often than not, whenever we see a band trying to take a spin on the style it leads more towards the heavier side where the rock condenses into metal which is never a bad thing. But, I can’t recall a time where I heard a band go in the opposite direction to something much more accessible. I wasn’t sure what to think of when I saw Cosmic Club’s debut tagged as “alternative stoner”, but I was certainly interested. Without a doubt, Cosmic Club absolutely fits such a description and they make it work fantastically.

With just four tracks to be found on “Aurora”, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want more to really see the idea explored much more, and after listening to it more and more I can categorically say that four is nowhere near enough. By keeping all the essential stoner elements and amplifying it all with undeniable musicianship and great craftsmanship on top of that, this EP quickly blossoms into something very interesting with how catchy and infectious it is right from the beginning to help make “Aurora” a work that’s easily much more interesting upon investigation than what it may appear from face value. It’s a surprisingly gripping listen no matter how many times I listen to it, and if this is just what Cosmic Club was able to whip up for their debut then I’m truly excited to see what they’re capable of on a fully fleshed out full-length. The very concept of alt-stoner rock is done nothing but absolute justice throughout “Aurora” as Cosmic Club approaches the idea with optimism and tenacity to bring some damn good riffs and something that people can really sink their teeth into, and it’s no argument to say that they definitely succeeded without question. “Aurora” keeps your attention, delivers the goods, and does everything that a solid EP should do without skipping a single beat of excellence throughout its entire runtime, and with it just being the tip of the iceberg for Cosmic Club I truly can’t wait to hear more.

Hopefully, this is just the start of something very interesting when it comes to hearing more from both Cosmic Club and the sound that is alternative stoner rock. I’ve no doubt that there are other bands out in the world that perform the sound as well, but an introductory listen I couldn’t have asked for anything better than “Aurora”! It checks off all the necessary boxes and delivers at every possible turn to make for a satisfying EP that’s prime real estate for many rock fans as well as exponential growth on the side of Cosmic Club.

LISTEN to “Aurora” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cosmic Club on Facebook here.

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