Chasing Ghosts – Bring Me Suffering

I feel it’s safe to say that everyone has a few select styles that they try to get into but just can’t for one reason or another the vast majority of the time no matter how diverse that person’s palette may be. For me, one of those sounds is undoubtedly a lot of material that tends to be labeled as “gothic” or “dark” simply because the bands I hear are just far too pretentious, taking themselves way too seriously, and just plain don’t sound good. It’s only very recently that I’ve exited out of that drought a little bit, and it’s with Chasing Ghosts that I’ve been greeted with another tasteful exception.

With just three tracks, this EP definitely doesn’t have much to its name but if it’s an accurate representation of what Chasing Ghosts can and will continue to bring to the table then I’m more than keen to keep an eye on this act. “Bring Me Suffering” isn’t exactly inviting if you ask me with a name like that, but don’t let that deter you like it almost did for me. What we’re treated to here is some gothic-flavored rock that doesn’t take the aesthetic too far as, instead, Chasing Ghosts wears it as more of a light hoodie versus a coat of thick wool and leather. The rock is the main player on stage as opposed to the general presentation fo that sound, and it’s done quite well throughout “Bring Me Suffering” such that by the end of the EP I felt so engaged and entertained that I couldn’t help but go back in for another taste. It’s as catchy as it is intriguing with Chasing Ghosts rarely letting a dull moment pass by as they are constantly adding new elements whether they be a fresh set of vocals for a new dynamic, adding different instruments to shake things up a bit, or kicking up that dark atmosphere just a notch to really bring the EP together quite nicely.

“Bring Me Suffering” excels where plenty of others of the sound fail pretty quickly, and if this is just a taste of what this act can bring forth then I’m more than interested to know what they can throw down with a full-length. Chasing Ghosts has absolutely surpassed my expectations with this release, and, hopefully, it’s just a hint of what they’re really capable of.

LISTEN to “Bring Me Suffering” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chasing Ghosts on Facebook here.

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