Rites of Daath – Doom Spirit Emanation

The fusion of death and doom metal is always a tricky thing no matter what band you’re working with no matter how experienced they are because it can be done in so many different ways with so much success and failure to be had in every occasion. To bring both sounds together in a way that feels balanced, natural, and just good overall is an incredibly difficult thing to do, but that never once stopped the style from becoming incredibly satisfying to listen to. Furthering the trend of excellence, the fresh offering from Rites of Daath is far from boring in any sense.

With varying speeds but a constantly oppressive sense of aggression that permeates every single song that’s on display here, and every single one of them allows “Doom Spirit Emanation” to become something else entirely. The whole of the death-doom scene has become something of a marvel in recent years with there being some sort of mind-blowing release at least every few months in my experience, and, like many others, Rites of Daath has pushed the envelope even further such that I was not expecting it whatsoever. Just six tracks are what we’re gifted here, but that’s all that’s needed in order to make “Doom Spirit Emanation” a great record that I feel every death-doom fan could find something to sink their teeth into. From the uncompromising atmosphere to the thick layers of absolute brutality, there’s virtually nothing about his record that doesn’t hit all the right marks for when it comes to an essential record of this kind, and Rites of Daath clearly know what they’re doing here without exception, misstep, mistake, or hesitation of any variety. It’s all brought together splendidly to elevate “Doom Spirit Emanation” to something that absolutely must be heard by any fan of the style without question, and anyone who misses out on it is only doing a great disservice to themselves.

Such works like this are few and far between in just about every single way, and that only makes the discovery of albums like this all the sweeter. Rites of Daath has absolutely nailed their sound down to a deadly scientific formula, and there’s no question in my mind that they’re capable of great things that can be seen constantly throughout the damn good time that is “Doom Spirit Emanation”.

LISTEN to “Doom Spirit Emanation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Rites of Daath on Facebook here.

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