Nighttrain – Hell Central

There is an absolutely obscene number of bands out there that are just far too content with the idea of just copying classic acts of both rock and metal hoping the grab the ear of many different listeners with the occasionally solid riff amongst an entire album of laziness. But, more often than it may feel sometimes, we get an act that actually puts a great deal of effort into their craft to make something that’s just as enticing as it is well done. In the case of Nighttrain, we’re given just that in great detail.

It must be said that absolutely nothing new is done throughout this offering and is very much the sort of material that a radio DJ may want to put on their session for a little bit of edge or speed amongst much lighter stuff, but in no way does that mean that what Nighttrain has created here is middling or lacking in any fashion. So much of what goes on within “Hell Central” is everything that a lot of people are looking for out of their heavy metal. From being incredibly accessible with tons of riffs to go around and a perpetuating attitude that abates for absolutely nothing, Nighttrain brings plenty of excellence to the table in every single song that we get here. It absolutely relies on many of the tropes that have made modern heavy metal the treat that it still is, but Nighttrain refuses to settle into such a mold for too long as it really feels like they don’t want to be lumped in with the rest. You can really feel that throughout “Hell Central” as they make their presence large and engaging in every single note to allow the album to quickly take on a life of its own and to say it’s infectious would be to downplay just how well Nighttrain has performed this classic sound. It’s absolutely something they could’ve messed up at any moment’s notice or took the easy way out, but they succeeded where many others have failed and it’s a damn joy to listen to in virtually every instance.

This has a good chance at being either an album that will slide under the radars of far too many people or becoming something that people felt lost without hearing. Everything about “Hell Central” is what so many people want out of their modern heavy metal, and they’ll find it in absolute heaps to pick apart within these songs that hold nothing back in terms of awesomeness. Nighttrain absolutely knows what they’re doing, and if this is just the start of what they’re really capable of then I can only imagine how awesome future efforts will be.

LISTEN to “Hell Central” on Spotify here.

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