Godark – Forward We March

It’s very interesting to witness a particular style gain a foothold in the already vast world of metal for it to slowly grow into something very interesting with many bands growing the sound into something very special. I couldn’t say where exactly this trend started, but I’ve been known to rave about the modern wave that melodic death metal is going through with a very colorful sound without neglecting the brutality depending on the band you’re talking about. Godark is just the latest band right now that fits such a description to me, but it’s with their debut album that they show they’re far from the least interesting despite their fresh arrival.

This is very much an album that could be played alongside the likes of younger acts pushing the more colorful sound like Countless Skies or the more exalted bands of melo-death like Insomnium or Be’lakor, but Godark doesn’t take one side over the other across their debut. They, instead, take a more middling approach that’s surprisingly effective as virtually every track throughout the confines of “Forward We March” is a fantastic combination of intensity and progressive-like instrumentation that blend together fantastically as though it was a match made by gods, and it really does feel that way. Godark has a real gift of bringing all these different elements together on a brilliant scale, especially for a debut album, where literally everything works off of either without any sort of hesitation or sense of clunkiness to be had where some stuff falls apart but others feel strengthened. “Forward We March” does just that: proceeds forward with Godark moving as one cohesive unit with a clear goal in mind without any sort of challenges or blockades stopping them from achieving that very goal. And then to say it was executed masterfully would be to just put it far too lightly. This band has absolutely nailed their sound from all angles that you could possibly look at it from, and it’s the exact sort of thing that I feel a lot of people have been looking for since it doesn’t compromise in any of the necessary departments in order to make another stronger. It lets “Forward We March” evolve even from just one song to the next as Godark shows us what they’re really made of, and it’s no less than wondrous to watch.

In every way, this is one of those debuts that makes you wonder just what exactly the band in question is really capable of. Every single aspect about “Forward We March” does nothing but glorify the very name of Godark in such a way that it truly makes the mind go crazy at the many possibilities which can happen to this band. I truly believe that we’ve gotten something exceptional here, and I better not be the only one waiting for a follow-up from this promising act whenever it comes along. If I am, you’ve all disappointed me greatly.

LISTEN to “Forward We March” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Godark on Facebook here.

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