God – God IV – Revelation

For some time, God has been the name to know in my book when it comes to being a progressive and instrumental metal, and I feel it’s safe to say it’s one of the few acts that I’ve come across that has been bold enough to fuse the two, if not the only act. The past three albums have been nothing to scoff at by any means, but just looking at the tracklisting will tell you that the fourth offering is something else entirely. With a whopping 22 tracks and a very long runtime to match, this one-man band pulled no punches when crafting this opus.

The most important thing to recognize about God and all the past albums that have been put out is that they’re all constantly engaging to no end with the special flavors that only progressive metal can bring being the only sort of narration that you could ever need with it all being tremendously delicious from start to finish. So, seeing “Revelation” boast plenty of long tracks with one stretching over 11 minutes is quite the sight since it’s clear that God really went all in for the creation of this record to absolutely make it his best yet. Easily, he succeeded. Everything about “Revelation” is bigger, better, and bolder than all of its predecessors with every single factor that’s gone into all of its content showing us the epitome of what goes into every creation of God with such undeniable craftsmanship and talent that it’s a wonder this act is not more widespread. On top of all that, this entire record gives us something we haven’t really seen in a great amount from God before: brutality. That’s not to say we haven’t gotten it in previous albums, but “Revelation” occasionally gives us flat out devastation that is a perfect mirror to the light-filled sound that God normally brings to the table, and they both work off of each other beautifully to a gorgeous length with the album switching back and forth constantly to really keep the listener guessing just which side we’re going to be shown next. It all culminates to make “Revelation” extremely dynamic, unendingly entertaining, and magnificently splendid from all angles such that by the end of this mammoth album it’s hard to argue that this isn’t God’s best album by far to date, and I’ll gladly sit here and argue why it is.

If you have the time to want to listen to this album, I can’t encourage it enough. If God plans to top this with future efforts then that will be a massive effort on his part given the fact that “Revelation” has raised the bar so incredibly high that it’ll be a wonder if God is able to raise it yet again. Every track is unique and there is something for everyone spread throughout this album, and if it’s not the obvious sign that many have been missing that God is a name to know in many corners of metal then I don’t know what it will take.

LISTEN to “God IV – Revelation” on Bandcamp here.

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