Brontosaurus – Excavation

Drone is absolutely something that I need more of in my life. Whether it comes in the form of ambiance or metal it doesn’t matter since both have come bountiful forms like HLER and Mizmor, respectively. But, what would happen if someone were to bring those two different sounds of one branching style together into one glorious amalgamation? As if to answer that, Brontosaurus lurches forth with a fresh offering in an instrumental form that’s as primitively heavy as it is ingeniously simple.

After listening to the upcoming Theocodnition just a few weeks ago, I really was not expecting to listen to another prehistoric-themed band so soon. And with such a unique style and approach that feels like exactly what I’ve been craving without even knowing it, every track that we’re treated to with “Excavation” does nothing but justice for the style concept. This offering is made up of recordings scavenged from between 2016 and 2019, but they all somehow flow into one another brilliantly such that you’d be convinced they were all crafted to be made into one album rather than sporadically made one after another. The sheer lumbering nature of drone metal itself lends greatly to the sauropod the single-man act is named after with the ambient side creating an atmosphere that oddly fits perfectly to what many people thought of the Mesozoic era a hundred or so years ago: foggy, dreary beyond belief, swamps on every inch of land, and filled with these monolithic and immensely slow creations that were inferior for God’s realm. “Excavation” absolutely lives up to its brilliant concept without a single misstep, and even though I’d much rather prefer the ultra-length of Brontosaurus’s previous release, “Diplodocus”, there’s no way I could ever claim that this album isn’t very interesting to sit down and fall into. Very few bands enable you to fall into rhythmic doldrums like what we can experience here, but, somehow, Brontosaurus makes it work on a great level as “Excavation” marches forth one thunderous step at a time to give us a great encapsulation of what all drone can bring to the table, and I’m so ready to hear more!

Releases like this almost always catch my attention and make me raise an eyebrow solely based on how rarely we see drone records like this along with how good it sounds all the way around, and to say that Brontosaurus has made an exceptional release for that standard would be putting it far too lightly. “Excavation” may just be a collection of seeming random recordings over the course of three years, but there is undeniable power in this release and Brontosaurus knows how to make it work so extremely well no matter what angle you’re looking at it from.

LISTEN to “Excavation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Brontosaurus on Facebook here.

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