2thebone – Bless

To attain a proper garage feel in your music is a hard thing to come by nowadays with it just not feeling like it’s in fashions as much as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find. If you dig hard enough, maybe grab a shovel while doing it, you’ll definitely come across choice acts out of the underground that are still keeping that sound very much alive to today. Blending together punk and rock for a beer-tinged work that’s far more respectable than plenty of other works that can boast the same description, 2thebone’s latest is more than worth investigation.

The very image of the cover art might be enough to turn away some people from thinking that all that’s brought to the table with “Bless” is just a bunch of scruffy bastards in their garage that are playing with half-empty beer cans right next to their instruments as they play some crusty rock made for those who don’t give half a fuck. And they’d be only partly right! You can absolutely feel throughout these six tracks that 2thebone definitely cares about what they’re performing with it being a great source of joy and fun for them with that energy bleeding through every pore of their music to a great degree, and it instantly elevates “Bless” where many other contemporary releases fail. 2thebone is more than capable of bringing out so much of what makes punk rock such a joy to listen to without having a sound that’s far too angsty like what many others will do or a sound that actually sounds like drunks falling over on themselves only to call it music. Every single inch of “Bless” is a fun ride that we don’t often get within the style and the six tracks play off each other wondrously to a grand degree as they infectiously lumber forth in short runtimes that are just as energetic as they are free-spirited. It’s absolutely the sort of thing you’d normally expect to see out of stoner rock or something along those lines, but 2thebone makes the difference work splendidly at every feasible turn here such that “Bless” instantly stands apart from a very large portion of the style without even doing anything wildly different. If that’s not the sign of something interesting then I don’t know what is.

Just seeing it pulled off as well as it has been here is a real joy to listen to, and I know for a fact that throngs of people could get behind what 2thebone has crafted here if they were to just listen to it. So much of “Bless” has what people are constantly looking for both in and out of the punk rock scene, and these guys are only to get better after this already fun release.

LISTEN to “Bless” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE 2thebone on Facebook here.

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