Tiberius – A Peaceful Annihilation

It can easily seem like many of the different styles of metal are constantly copying themselves without much variation in the sound despite the obvious contrary, but very few seem guilty of that more than that of metalcore. The unjustly scrutinized style tends to feel the same when you go from one band to another most of the time with even a little bit of change being more than welcome to the ears simply because it’s not the same copy-paste we get all the time. With their debut album, Tiberius sets themselves apart just enough to make this effort a fun listen.

It’s key to remember here that Tiberius only just barely sets themselves apart here. I don’t want anyone thinking they’ve shaken up the metalcore formula wildly to whatever degree of success or failure. Throughout “A Peaceful Annihilation”, we get an equal amount of reverence for practically everything that the style has created up to this point and a new blood feel to everything that gives the entire album a nice, inviting shine to it that reels the listener in much more easily than a completely by the numbers metalcore release would normally do. While it’s mainly in the lyrical content occasionally and the instruments sounding clunky from time to time, the whole of “A Peaceful Annihilation” comes together seamlessly for a great trip through the style that I haven’t seen for far too long. Only the likes of Trivium have been able to deliver something that metalcore has been able to offer in terms of something widely appealing, and I really do think that Tiberius could reach close to that given the quality of “A Peaceful Annihilation”. Everything necessary is already there. These guys just have to grow from what’s laid forth on this debut in the right ways to reach such heights, and I’ve confidence they can do a lot with the smooth sound that brings nothing but glory to metalcore the likes of which very few young acts are able to accomplish.

Claiming that Tiberius will make it to the big leagues to go toe to toe with acts like Trivium is a wild claim no matter how optimistic you are, but I truly do believe that there’s something special to this act. If they could just pave their own path, find their sound, nail it down to a nearly scientific formula, and execute it with precision, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be considered a band with a meteoric rise. So much of “A Peaceful Annihilation” exudes potential, and I’ll be quite upset if many don’t latch onto to the promising name that is Tiberius.

“A Peaceful Annihilation” releases on June 26th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “A Peaceful Annihilation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tiberius on Facebook here.


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