Falconer – From a Dying Ember

It feels like it’s been far longer than just six years since the last time we got new material from Falconer, and yet, somehow, it feels like no time at all. Such a weird thing but, nonetheless, the news of a new record from Falconer was an absolute blessing for any fan of folk metal as their name is a comfort like few others when it comes to new material. A more than welcome surprise from every possible angle, it’s with this new offering that Falconer reaffirms their status as one of the most elite bands of the entire style.

Despite not going really crazy with the folk instrumentation like many other worthy acts in the sprawling world of folk metal, Falconer’s sound still manages to have a really nice pop to it that enables the music to stand out effortlessly. Pair that with virtually flawless execution and “From a Dying Ember” could be considered to be one of the best records from folk metal heavyweights in years with only Ensiferum or Tyr coming anywhere close. Eleven tracks that are all steeped in real class, tremendously fun instrumentation that’s constantly changing things up bit by bit, and engaging from beginning to end is just the basis of what you can expect from this album as it consistently delivers on such a level that it’s difficult to deny it’s intoxicating qualities for more than a few moments. “From a Dying Ember” is a treasure trove in its own right as there is something for every sort of folk metal fan here in fascinating quantity and quality. Just talking about it wouldn’t be doing nearly enough justice for what Falconer has done on this record, and it is absolutely the sort of material that has the be heard rather than read about in order for you to really get a feel of the performance in all of its multi-layered excellence.

Easily, this is one of the top albums of this style that I’ve heard in months and I’d be shocked if it doesn’t come back around on people’s end-year lists come December for Falconer made damn sure to jam pack this offering with everything that makes folk metal such a treat for every fan. Like a phoenix, “From a Dying Ember” allows this act to rise from the ashes of their six-year silence in grandiose fashion and exquisite quality to easily make it one of the most welcome surprises from music in the last few months.

“From a Dying Ember” releases on June 26th via Metal Blade!

PRE-ORDER “From a Dying Ember” via multiple sources here.

LIKE Falconer on Facebook here.

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