Cursed Be Thy Flesh – The Ritual

I have always been the type of person to really enjoy music that goes above and beyond to create something unique and special the likes of which we’ve rarely heard before if at all. But, that doesn’t mean even the simplest of albums are lost on me. There are so many different works of simplicity that are so delicious that it’d take forever to name even half of them. Stepping into the world of black metal, many try their hand at that simple approach but fail more often than not. With their debut album, Cursed Be Thy Flesh immediately show us their above much of the competition by acing the art of simplicity.

Black metal can very easily fall back onto the classic strategy of having riffs for fucking days in order to create something that people can really get into, but it really does feel like only a handful at a time can produce it in such quality that it’s actually worth talking about. Cursed Be Thy Flesh took a couple of tries for me to get into it, but when the album finally clicked with me I couldn’t unhear the excellence that’s on full display within “The Ritual”. While riffs are very much a big part of this album, Cursed Be Thy Flesh doesn’t rely on that alone. They are constantly showing us their true understanding of their craft and style through being able to approach black metal from different sorts of angles whether it be blisteringly fast, slow and calculated, switching things up with a tasteful piece of dungeon synth for added flavor, or featuring different artists that actually work. It all comes together pretty damn well to enable “The Ritual” to become something that any casual fan of the style can get into because it doesn’t do anything all that radical, it’s executed incredibly smoothly, has loads of the essential traits that people are looking for, and is all balanced in an arguably perfect way. With this being their debut album, I can’t help but feel that makes Cursed Be Thy Flesh all the more interesting as a band in general. Right off the bat they show us they know exactly what they’re doing, they’re not playing around, and they know how to deliver it in no less than exemplary fashion. If that isn’t enough reason to want to sink your teeth into the tasteful work that is “The Ritual” then I don’t know what will.

I’d be putting it mildly if I said that this was very much an album that I’d recommend as well as something that I’m going to come crawling back to many times in the future. Cursed Be Thy Flesh has really hit the nail on the head here on their very first album, and I’ve almost no doubt whatsoever when I say that I’m sure they’ll be able to deliver something even better in the future. “The Ritual” has the DNA of everything necessary to become a hit in the underground and all it’ll take for it to spread like wildfire is the proper crowd to find with the right people to spread the word of this deliciously vile work.

LISTEN to “The Ritual” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cursed Be Thy Flesh on Facebook here.

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