Ljosazabojstwa – Głoryja Śmierci

At some point all the bands that I’ve come across in my time of doing these reviews, it’s not a shock that some bands, however notable, will fade into the back of my head over time just because of the sheer volume of other names. It happens more often to the smaller bands that I came into contact with when I was still cultivating my taste and figuring out what I really liked out of metal. When I saw the name of Ljosazabojstwa, I knew I had seen it somewhere before and it’s been three years since the last I had heard them, but whatever they had done in those years has worked out for an extremely exhilarating effort.

Long-winded black/death isn’t something that we get to see often for reasons that are not known to me, but I really do wish that we could hear more of it. It can easily lead to some incredibly caustic, fiery albums that are almost always real treats to just sink your teeth into with the band in question taking you through whatever layers of hell that they please. When it comes to the latest from Ljosazabojstwa, it’d be difficult to dispute that they didn’t to an absolutely stellar job at creating just such a visage with this album. There isn’t a single moment of “Głoryja Śmierci” that isn’t overflowing with blaze-lit blood across the fields where all sorts of blasphemy are taking place as this band charges forward, and every single second is the exact sort of shit that any fan of extreme metal will not be able to turn down. The longer songs show us beautifully how much of an iron grip Ljosazabojstwa has on the listener’s attention at virtually all times, and it’d be practically illegal to say that they didn’t do their best to cram as much as they could into every one of those minutes to make “Głoryja Śmierci” just as eventful as it is bombastic and evil. And whether or not they were going for such an evil vibe, there’s no doubt that it was brought to the table virtually without flaw which enhances every aspect about this visceral experience to a high degree that is nigh on intoxicating no matter what angle you’re approaching it from or what you’re expecting from the confines of the record. In no small way, Ljosazabojstwa has made themselves a need-to-know act in the vast underground with this record alone, and anyone who stumbles upon them whether by chance or through active searching should count themselves lucky to witness such a creation like “Głoryja Śmierci”.

With the rediscovery of this exemplary act, I think I’d sooner be damned than let them fade into the obscurity of my unconsciousness only for me to maybe find them again in a few years. Every possible aspect about “Głoryja Śmierci” is brimming with black/death glory that is a rare treat in the style with the form that the material has taken for itself. It’s downright enamoring what Ljosazabojstwa has done here and I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t see this act accrue a decent following not long after the scathing release.

LISTEN to “Głoryja Śmierci” on Bandcamp here.

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