Warred – MMXX – The Singles Collection

Brazil tends to be a country that I associate with thrash more often than not because that appears to make up the majority of the metal that comes from that portion of South America, but, of course, there are plenty of other styles being done. I can’t say I’ve heard a Brazilian act tackle straight heavy metal of any sort in my time, and it was high time that I finally came across an act that actually did it with quality. On my very first foray into such an idea, I was fortunate enough to encounter Warred who as they gear up for a debut record hopefully late this year presents us with their current three songs that they have out, and they’re nothing to sneeze at.

I normally wouldn’t care for a small collection like this where it’s just a compilation of three singles that have been released since some time last year, but there is an exceptional quality here that I just simply let go unnoticed. Playing it straight but keeping everything modern and clean at the same time, there’s very little contest in saying that what Warred has created here is more than worth its own salt in an ocean of other works of the style that are always vying for the spotlight, and it’s not often we get something like this. The quintet knows very well how to keep a good riff at their side while building off of that in magnificent fashion so that the rest of the song builds off that as it no less than flourishes in all directions as Warred consistently give us a spectacular show that delivers the goods in a way that’s satisfying, engaging, and thrilling. It’s a real feat to make that something that modern heavy metal can accomplish without relying too heavily on any single aspect of the style from decades past that can cause the songs to drag. Rather, Warred takes a little bit from all over while still remembering to put their own flair and flavor into it every note such that it never once feels like a shameless copy of other bands but, instead, something that is undoubtedly their own.

That’s something we simply don’t get a lot of the time in the modern state of heavy metal no matter how many great bands may shroud that truth from our eyes, and I’ve no doubt that Warred can very well become one of those acts that will need to be heard by many fans of the style. Given this is just the prelude to their debut, I expect at least five or six new tracks on that release and something tells me that Warred will absolutely be capable of delivering the excellence.

LISTEN to “The Singles Collection” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Warred on Facebook here.

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