Aborted Earth – Man-Made Mechanical Misery

A lot of the time that I find myself listening to grind of any sort it tends to be very straightforward in its execution and presentation. It’s not terribly often that I get to see a grind act successfully pull off a slight chance of pace while still sounding good, and there’s only been one new act in the form of Chopping Mall that has achieved that for me in years. Aborted Earth has been a name I’ve respected as one of the few grind acts I’ve no qualms about whatsoever, and it’s with their upcoming effort that we see them pull off trying something a little different.

Now, that’s not to say that this work is radically different for either the style or the band by any means because that’s just simply not true. Aborted Earth has made an effort with this work to create something that is undeniably part of the grind world, but they evidently wanted to make it their own without question. To say they did it with a pretty respectable payoff would be putting it mildly. “Man-Made Mechanical Misery” is far from anything that I’d consider the best of the style that I’ve found myself listening to, but one cannot help but immensely appreciate the talent and ingenuity that went into creating this piece. It effortlessly bounds from something much more expected from the style with a 39-second track but it can easily become an odd duet that works more than it should, and Aborted Earth runs with it all quite well throughout the whole of “Man-Made Mechanical Misery”. We never really know what Aborted Earth is up to going from one track to the next as they seamlessly go from them playing the sound straight, making it comical, trying something a little different to shake things up, or do something completely out of nowhere that hits you like a fucking baseball bat upside the skull.

It doesn’t culminate in the best work that I’ve heard from the style nor Aborted Earth, but there is absolutely value in this that is to be had. “Man-Made Mechanical Misery” is just a prelude to an album that’s to be released later this year from this act, and I’m very intrigued to what they’ll bring to the table with the main course if this is just the appetizer.

“Man-Made Mechanical Misery” releases on May 30th!

LISTEN to Aborted Earth on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Aborted Earth on Facebook here.

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