Fleshvessel – Bile of Man Reborn

Experimentation is something that I’ve been extremely fond of for years now for one simple reason no matter if it’s good or bad: it always keeps you on your toes. Whether it’s just blending together styles to create a fresh sound or going out of your way to fuck off with the idea of genre to make music that bounds effortlessly from one style to a completely different one, experimentation rarely takes the easy way out. Stepping into Fleshvessel’s debut EP, something along the lines of Howls of Ebb is what I expected when seeing that cover art and tagged with being experimental, but what we got is something much more unique, expansive, and unyielding in its creativity.

There aren’t very many releases of any sort, whether they be singles, EPs, or full-lengths, that can feel suspenseful with its sound. That’s a feat that would be any band on an entirely different level than much of the rest of the competition. Listening to the debut EP that is “Bile of Man Reborn”, it often felt like if John Williams wanted to make experimental music then this is exactly what he’d create. A bold statement! But I’ll fucking stick by it! This near 25-minute song has so much shoved into it with it constantly providing bits that range in immense variety from death metal, electronica, chamber music, and so much more to make “Bile of Man Reborn” one of the boldest, craziest, and extremely satisfying works that is absolutely made for anyone not afraid to do much more than just cross one stylistic line out of metal. We witness masterful acts that break this massive meal of an album into pieces that are much more digestible, but they still have so much to them and one listen would never be enough to grasp even an iota of what’s been done here. The entirety of “Bile of Man Reborn” is a true marvel of the craft the likes of which very few others have been able to achieve on a level like what Fleshvessel has done here, and just the fuck that this is the band’s first-ever piece of material makes me salivate at the very thought of future releases. Surely, excellence and craziness will ensue.

I have had the immense pleasure of listening to some pretty fucking crazy albums that aren’t afraid to experiment to incredibly high degrees in my time, and I mean it with complete sincerity when I say that Fleshvessel has created one of the most compelling works of that variety. “Bile of Man Reborn” is a debut like none other that I’ve heard before, and if there were any single band to bring absolute glory to the term “experimental” in the world of extreme metal, this will be that band.

“Bile of Man Reborn” releases on June 26th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to “Bile of Man Reborn” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fleshvessel on Facebook here.

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