Thecodontion – Supercontinent

It’s not really all that often that I find myself sitting here thinking about prehistoric-themed death metal talking about the various supercontinents that have come across the planet over hundreds of millions of years (or billions, the jury is still debating), but it’s definitely something that I could get behind. Yet, that’s not a concept I find myself coming across often if ever. Busting in with a scathing blend of black and death metal whose scorchings are comparable to that of the primal lava flow, Thecodontion’s first full-length doesn’t disappoint.

While I was admittedly expecting much heavier in a literal sense, Thecodontion surpassed all my expectations when it comes to being a raw tour de force of prehistory’s limited representation in metal. “Supercontinent” is very straight forward in its songwriting and craft when you compare it to many, many other black/death acts out there, and you can easily say that the theme is a gimmick but I can’t help but defend it to say that it not only helps Thecodontion stand out but also improves it from just about every angle. Much of this record is bass-driven with absolute chaos being the ultimate goal here while we’re constantly shifting between riffs that can just as easily be uncompromisingly fast as they can be slowed down for a monolithic feel. Add on top of that ripping solos, undeniable skill in songwriting and handling of their craft, and expansive instrumental pieces that show us a wider view of Thecodontion’s sonic range, and there isn’t much about what we see throughout “Supercontinent” that doesn’t make one salivate at the mere thought. There’s nothing that was brought to the table for “Supercontinent” that doesn’t deliver true excellence and Thecodontion should be very excited about what they’ve achieved, and so should we.

After releasing a successful demo and EP within the last two years, the quality of this record and Thecodontion’s evolution in such a short time cannot be understated. It’s absolutely monolithic to say the least with “Supercontinent” being the band’s crowning achievement to date, and something tells me that if we keep a close eye on this act then we’re going to see that upward trend in quality continue gloriously.

“Supercontinent” releases on June 26th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Supercontinent” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Thecodontion on Facebook here.

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