Deviltook – At War With Gods

The very fact that metal is as widespread as it is across the globe is a very fun thing because we get to see bands from more well-known places like Sweden to the US and lesser-known like Chile and India have material that’s more than worth diving into. Spain doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves as it has a wide variety that everyone can find something to latch onto whether it’s scathing black metal or pulverizing death metal or just about anything else. With their debut album, Deviltook brings further glory to the Spanish black metal scene in ten unyielding tracks.

Made up of many people from all over the scene from reputable bands like Itnuveth and Aposento (just to only name two), there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that Deviltook’s first effort wouldn’t smash. And smash it did! Right from the very beginning, “At War With Gods” tells you right away everything that you’re going to see in this album: straight forward black metal with fiery riffs abound and an unmerciful approach to everything in sight. Nothing new whatsoever, but to say that Deviltook didn’t do it fantastically well all throughout these ten tracks would be practically criminal. This is some of the best black metal of this kind that I’ve heard since first discovering Ende from their neighboring country of France, and Deviltook absolutely runs with this album in the best possible way. Covering just about the entire board of what straight forward black metal like this can cover, “At War With Gods” delivers on every front that a fan of this style could ever possibly ask for as they never once shy away from embracing the tropes and pulling them off with clear mastery and an understanding of the craft that is virtually a given when talking about musicians as deep in the world of metal as these guys. It’s done magnificently with practically no weak spots throughout the entirety of “At War With Gods” such that it’s not a stretch to call it one of the most potent works that I’ve heard from Spain in some time.

It’s one thing to create black metal of any sort but to do it well is to really succeed where countless others have tried and failed to a great degree, but Deviltook proves to be a cut above the rest in fantastic fashion and unyielding power to match. So much of “At War With Gods” exudes excellence that only quality black metal can bring to the table, and this band brings it in absolute spades.

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