Battle Born – s/t

I am a guy that can just as easily love something that’s highly novel, unique, and outstanding in its originality, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say how much I love some good cheese. In the proper dosage, cheese can be an extremely fun thing to use in any kind of music whether it’s something as serious as death or black metal or something more commercial. Power metal tends to be where cheese is used the most effectively as well as ineffectively given many bands’ incapability to do it justice. Going into the debut EP from Battle Born, it’s clear these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

Normally, I’d assume a fresh band like this would be made up of very young musicians with this possibly being their very first act, and they’d just be pulling from whatever fantasy world of their choosing whether it be based in the universes of Tolkien, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, etc. And while I can’t say for sure for the entire band, Battle Born already has plenty of experience between its members that stem from projects like Dwarrrowdelf and Bykürius to ensure Battle Born will already know what they’re doing, and each track out of this eponymous debut has nothing that deserves scoffing at. We’ve all heard power metal of this variety before, but there’s passion and real fun that goes into every second that we hear throughout the EP which gives it all a real spirit to what’s all brought forth here. And Battle Born runs with it exceedingly well! Taking great influence from Skyrim and do it real justice, Battle Born allows the material to speak for itself while they just lay down straight power metal without too much fucking around as they use the cheese of the style to their great advantage to make for a stellar performance. It can just as easily be a rally like that of “Man of War” or a slower but dazzling performance on all sides like that in “For Our Home” which allows this debut to take on many different forms that most other fresh acts would struggle to achieve even much later on, but it’s without a doubt here that we see Battle Born immediately show us what they’re capable of.

This is easily one of the more engaging works of the entire style that I’ve heard in far too long outside of a big band, and I expect nothing but great things out of this band. They’ve really laid down the groundwork for something very interesting with this work and Battle Born is poised to become something very interesting if they play their cards right.

“Battle Born” releases on June 26th!

LISTEN to the advanced single, “Battle Born”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Battle Born on Facebook here.

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