Psyclops – Amalgam

Some stoner metal is something that can often feel like a commodity in certain circles as plenty of bands have really broken the style down into a rough formula that they can spew out to mass appeal, and it’s not terribly often that we get something really often out of that. When listening to the latest album from Psyclops, it really feels like they were aware of such a thing and sought out a way to bring some real flavor and life into the style. They found their answer by giving their lively sound a progressive edge that works far too well.

While I’m very interested to see what Psyclops could create with the progressive elements more at the forefront of their material, there’s no question here that the amount they implemented throughout the whole of “Amalgam” is nothing short of fucking awesome! They make it work beautifully to create an incredibly eclectic sound that easily stands out from the massive crowd and shows us that Psyclops aren’t content with conforming to the norm of either style. Nothing but riffs, glorious visuals, and a gripping quality that coats everything about this album can be found all throughout “Amalgam” in great detail as Psyclops didn’t leave one stone unturned here to make a beast all on its own. Each piece brings its own special energy to the mix that allows the whole of the album to continue to soar as Psyclops knows just how to link it all together with their tantalizing sound to where you just can’t rip yourself away from the wondrous concoction that’s on display before us, and it’s incredibly satisfying at every turn.

Works like these that can bring together two styles that normally come close to each other tend to sound like a mess a decent amount of the time, but it’s here that we see it work out for the best. “Amalgam” has achieved something very interesting that’s compelling around every corner. If this is just the beginning of what Psyclops can bring forth then I’m very curious to see what they can dish out next.

LISTEN to “Amalgam” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Psyclops on Facebook here.

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