The Black Capes – Lullabies For the Dead

My history with any sort of material that could be labeled as “gothic” has been strenuous at best. A lot of the time it feels like the material is just trying too hard to be edgy and falling flat in so many areas with the music itself being alright at best. That’s been my experience, anyway. I always knew that there would be at least one offering from the gothic world that could really catch my fancy, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this. On every possible level, The Black Capes has created something that I honestly cannot put down.

Theatrics tend to play a key role in most gothic material is what I’ve noticed. It can absolutely work, but it really takes the right balance to do it well. What we’ve gotten here with The Black Capes’s latest opus is something that definitely has theatrics, but I do believe that this band was focused on the quality of the music itself first while working in the appropriate flavors almost as an after-thought. Everything about what they brought together for “Lullabies For the Dead”, I cannot stress enough, worked on a stupendous level! Each track can absolutely stand proudly on its own as they all have their own riffs, style, and energy that never once waver over time such that they could all be heard on the radio as singles and The Black Capes would only be showing a small portion of their talent as the ten tracks that adorn this album gave much more than what I thought I was getting. The vocals are seductively smooth, the strings are hypnotic even in their most mundane of moments, the drums are downright thunderous, the attitude is pitch-perfect for the style that “Lullabies For the Dead” is trying to accomplish, and the quality of it all is no less than surprisingly staggering! This is one hundred percent an album that has really set the standard for any sort of gothic material that I will listen to in the future, and it will take some serious firepower to beat what The Black Capes have done here. They’re an absolute surprise and typhoon of fresh air to my ears the likes of which I still haven’t grown the least bit tired of, and if this is just the tip of the iceberg for what they can bring to the table then I’m salivating for what comes next.

In every way, shape, and form The Black Capes have blown any competition right out of the water with just the first few tracks, and the rest of the album is simply delicious no matter how many times I listen to it! I was truly not expecting much before listening to anything from “Lullabies For the Dead”, but from that first single to the last tantalizing note there isn’t a single thing about this album that isn’t truly scrumptious and I’ll be damned if this band doesn’t get some proper attention for this titanic effort that they’ve crafted.

LISTEN to “Lullabies For the Dead” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Black Capes on Facebook here.

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