Chaos Over Cosmos – II

Just to witness a small band even attempt to grow into something better that they can become proud of and have a fan base, no matter how small or large, crowd around them to hear new material is a pleasure like few others that I’ve always enjoyed experiencing over the years. I’ve seen it done to grand effect with some bands and to a smaller degree in others, and when I came back around tonight to listen to the newest offering from Chaos Over Cosmos I couldn’t help but feel I’d be met with an album trying to do that. And in practically every single way, this band exceeded my expectations.

Simply making your new material heavier or adding growls isn’t nearly enough to guarantee that the music will become better just because of that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt it. Chaos Over Cosmos’s debut was a very clean listen for me that still holds up in its own regards with the progressive metal being still very solid to my ears, but it’s here in every single moment of “II” that we see it taken much further than I was expecting by every standard. Including more of the aforementioned heaviness and growls, this 4-track EP is not the most grandiose thing that we’ve heard from the style by any means whatsoever, but there’s no denying here that what this band has brought together can’t be denied when it comes to quality and sheer excellence that pours out of every moment we’re treated with. Cascading keys, hypnotic strings, magnificent vocals of all kinds, and untouchable musicianship all adorn “II” to the absolute maximum as Chaos Over Cosmos has really come into their own here. It may be only their second offering and is just a four-track EP, but that shouldn’t lead anyone to underestimate the power with which this band absolutely slays with at every turn here as they show us what they’re really made of without holding back a single punch in any instance.

“II” hits all the right notes with so much splendor to call its own that I can’t help but see the quality from this band skyrocketing after this EP as it does everything right that it could’ve, and it’s delicious no matter how many times you listen to it. Chaos Over Cosmos should be incredibly proud of what they’ve made here for it’s leagues beyond their debut and exceeds expectations on every level that it could have.

“II” releases on May 1st!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “II” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chaos Over Cosmos on Facebook here.

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