Daelkyr – Eternal Decay

More often than not, whenever I go to listen to black metal, I want some real substance to it. I can very happily listen to some straight forward and raw black metal with bands like Ende constantly on my radar, but whenever it’s stripped down even more to a simpler version I tend to have a hard time getting into it because of how basic it all is. But, like everything, there are exceptions and I definitely found one with this topic after listening to the debut EP from Daelkyr.

The whole of this EP very much has that feel where you can tell it’s a demo just from the very structure and sound of everything with it all having that aura like it was conceived, recorded, and fine-tuned in a basement by people that just really wanted to make some scathing black metal. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled by the first track since it just felt boring to me, but it’s the remainder of what’s brought to the table for “Eternal Decay” that I can definitely get behind even if I’ve heard it done a ton of times before and it doesn’t really do anything all that special. Simplicity is sometimes the best strategy for maximum effectiveness, and between the riffs, nasty vocals, and all-around approach to some classy raw black metal, it’s hard to say that Daelkyr doesn’t do a good job at bringing to life a sound that they clearly enjoy. A lot of times that’s all you need to bring something to life properly – enjoy creating it. You can feel that Daelkyr had a great time creating “Eternal Decay” from beginning to end and even though it’s a debut with plenty of fumbles to call its own, there’s no reason we shouldn’t expect this act to return with a more fiery sound than what we’ve got here.

This is a far cry something greatly complex or anything that I’d even consider great, but there’s no denying here that Daelkyr knows what they’re doing and how to do it. “Eternal Decay” proves that this band has a long way to go still but it also shows they’re not just wandering in the darkness with their eyes closed, and they know how to deliver.

LISTEN to “Eternal Decay” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Daelkyr on Facebook here.

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