Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis

There are always different albums from each different style that I look forward to at the top of every year, and, honestly, it was really only Symbolik that had my attention when January came around. Oh, if only I knew! It’s been six long years since their last offering, but it’s in that time that this act has been honing their skill in such a way that their current form is all but amazingly delicious. Right from the very beginning, Abysmal Dawn makes it clear with their new album that they’re back and better than ever!

As one of the first tech-death bands that I ever really got into, Abysmal Dawn has been a band that I’ve always had an interest in, but, for whatever reason, they’ve never really been a band that I could really sit down to enjoy ten or twenty songs from. Only a handful of their past offerings have really been able to do it for me, and there wasn’t anything that could’ve prepared me for what they were to bring to the table for “Phylogenesis”. Everything about this album makes all the sense in the world since we see Abysmal Dawn continue their upward trend of undeniable quality with literally every single song throughout this record being a marvel of the style that any and all fans shouldn’t have a problem latching right onto. From the nasty riffs to the mind-melting technicality that’s laced in smashers like the barbaric “Hedonistic” to the intoxicating finale, there isn’t a single iota of “Phylogenesis” that shouldn’t be considered as some of the best technical death metal that we’ve heard in recent times and Abysmal Dawn has done everything in their power to make this album the absolute powerhouse of madness, blood, and gears that it is, and it has paid off to the absolute maximum. It satisfies the bloodlust that every death metal fan has, and Abysmal Dawn plays us like a fucking fiddle as every possible aspect of “Phylogenesis” comes together to smash us in the most amazing way they ever could have, and this record will be played loud and fast by many upon its impact I can virtually guarantee it.

At this very moment, this is unequivocally the second-best death metal album of any variety that I’ve come across so far this year, and if Abysmal Dawn goes without immense commendation for this mammoth of an effort then I will demand retribution of all kinds! “Phylogenesis” stands leagues above a lot of the other competition, and it should absolutely be heralded as this band’s magnum opus for the foreseeable future.

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