Kanaan – Double Sun

Over the years, one of my absolute favorite styles to dive into whenever I want something that almost never fails me is the realm of instrumental psychedelic rock. It’s always a mouthful to say, but it always elicits a specific idea and feeling. It’s such a malleable sound that can be made into whatever the imagination will allow, and rarely does it lead to something boring or uninteresting by the end of any given record. Kanaan’s upcoming release only reinforces that as it’s all throughout it that we get a release packed with tons of flavor and so much personality that it’s all but intoxicating.

While one could argue that many of the innumerable albums that populate this style sound alike and bring nothing new to the table, I argue that each album has its own exact flavor that you can’t replicate from one work to the next even if its the same band. Each record has its own atmosphere and its own spirit that you can feel throughout the entire effort, and Kanaan’s “Double Sun” is a glorious example of that as it covers plenty of the bases of what the entire style can cover and it’s done so with utmost style and expertise. Whether it’s a long-winded piece that carries you to and fro colorful nebulas to a colorful onslaught that only lets up to let the next song begin, there isn’t a single stone of the style that Kanaan doesn’t seem to turn without fantastic quality to top it off. Every iota of “Double Sun” contains undeniable joy and imagination as Kanaan does their best to make an ever-expanding soundscape that always keeps the listener guessing as to where exactly we will be taken as their riffs and glorious psychedelia know no bounds which give us a fantastic sound to really sink our teeth into with each song that gives us something new to savor.

So many bands try to do something new and bombastic with the style and can easily end up creating something not particularly special at all, but it really does make for a special band to make something like this and Kanaan succeed at doing so seemingly without breaking a single sweat. “Double Sun” is an absolute must-hear for any fan of the style and I can’t help but feel that this is just an inkling of what this band can bring to the table.

“Double Sun” releases on April 24th via El Paraiso Records!

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