LáGoon – Maa Kali Trip

The sheer number of bands that have come around ever since the arrival of legendary acts like AC/DC that have tried to emulate that exact same sound is absolutely staggering still to this day. For the vast majority of them, they fail to capture that same spirit and coming out sounding like a cheap rip-off and rightfully so many times. But, every now and then, we get something that’s surprisingly very well done and takes on a whole life of its own. When it comes to LáGoon, especially on their most recent effort, that couldn’t be any more true.

Just listening to any single track off of “Maa Kali Trip”, you can see just how well LáGoon has taken that very classic sound that can easily be tied to bands like AC/DC with how raw, energized, and visceral the music is as a whole while still having that amazingly catchy rock edge filled with riffs and imagery that doesn’t come from one-and-done bands. This album could’ve very easily came out decades ago, and something tells me that if you were to put it at the right place at the right time then LáGoon would’ve been one of the bands to become an absolute smash hit with how fucking awesome they are, and everything that goes into “Maa Kali Trip” is a perfect reflection of that. So much of what goes into this album is everything that people look for when we flip through the radio, experimented with when we explored the vast reaches of music when we were young, and exactly what people want to fall into when they want to escape the world! Every ounce of what LáGoon has brought forth here is the epitome of what rock and roll can be at the drop of a hat, and to say that I’m blown away by what they’ve accomplished here would be putting it far too lightly.

This is an extremely intoxicating release where everything that could’ve gone right for this release was done so with such immaculate precision and mastery that it’s still staggering for me to witness just how awesome “Maa Kali Trip” is in every scenario. If you’re looking for a tremendously good time that you’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find elsewhere, then I couldn’t suggest anything better than what we’ve gotten here from LáGoon.

LISTEN to “Maa Kali Trip” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE LáGoon on Facebook here.

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