The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous

There are many bands at the forefront of every genre that represents the generations from all across the board whether it be an older band that’s still catering to the veteran fans or the fresh bands that are the new craze that helped rope people further into the style. When it comes to The Black Dahlia Murder, they’ve been around for almost twenty years but their reach still touches the minds of many new fans as well as resonating with the veterans. That’s a feat not many bands are able to pull off while continuing their meteoric rise throughout their career, and, somehow, it’s with their forthcoming effort that I truly believe we see this band at an all-time high.

What always gets me interested in what The Black Dahlia Murder pulls out to grab our attention with is the fact that they’re always incredibly forward with every single facet of what they’re bringing to the table. From the lyrical content to the sheer intensity of it all to the very production, this band has always made ways to make everything so much larger than life and feel more bombastic than what the rest of the scene can do, and it all works just way too well. To say it feels like they perfected that with “Verminous” wouldn’t be a far stretch at all if you ask me. We could sit here all day and say that The Black Dahlia Murder could’ve closed shop after any past record, but their tenacity and consistent talent continues to show us just how awesome of a band they are with “Verminous” showing us at every turn just how stupendous they still are. Everything about this record goes for your fucking throat without even a moment’s hesitation, and The Black Dahlia Murder pulls it off without shocking accuracy and deadly intent to make this whole album a gripping piece that’s practically expected from this band, and if you come out of this absolutely voracious record then you’re missing out on what should absolutely be considered the first true heavy-hitter of 2020 in every possible way.

This is by no means a surprise to me that “Verminous” is as incredibly infectious it is as it’s simply par for the course for what we’ve come to expect from this band, and it’s still extremely satisfying to listen to. Whether you’re a new fan or someone who has known the name since their inception, it’s still as awesome as ever to be a fan of The Black Dahlia Murder for, yet again, they’ve delivered the goods in absolute spades.

“Verminous” releases on April 17th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Verminous” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to the single, “Verminous”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW The Black Dahlia Murder on Twitter: @bdmmetal

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