Ephemeral – VII

There is a very tricky thing to the seemingly easy concept that is melodic death metal, but it only occurs if you don’t want to go the “easy” route of just taking straight death metal and shoving a ton of melody in there. It’s more often than not that I find myself diving into the style and finding material that’s far more colorful than many would expect, and with that certain layer of experimentation bands that do it great and those that don’t. When it comes down to the debut work from Ephemeral it’s clear that it could be better, but it’s far more than gripping and interesting in its own ways.

Tackling the seven deadly sins is far from something new, but, like many topics that have been done before, there can absolutely be life found within new material if it’s handled correctly with the proper amount of attention and talent to make the resulting product something that’s actually interesting. It’s here with “VII”, it’s impossible for me to argue that Ephemeral did anything but do a really solid job with the topic especially given the fact that this is the very first work that they’ve put out. This is very much like many other melo-death albums out there like what we can hear from acts like Countless Skies, but this is not nearly as bombastic in its colorful display, and yet, Ephemeral accomplishes the feat of mixing that same exact feeling with a rawer take that really brings out the death metal aspects more. The overall combination of it all throughout “VII” is a tad clunky, though, but it’s far from anything that makes the album fall apart as we’re gifted something pretty tasty throughout each song as Ephemeral continuously show us what they can bring to the table and it constantly shows us that this band clearly knows what they’re doing. Each track has so much going on within its confines as Ephemeral is consistently pushing the boundaries in order to make something bigger than what they’ve done before, and they achieve that on virtually every level in each moment that “VII” gives to us.

This is a band that can grow so quickly if they put their minds to it, and they already are with a new album in the works with it hopefully on the way this year, but stuff like that is best not rushed. I have the utmost confidence that Ephemeral will hone their sound into something very awesome in due time, and “VII” is already done that path by the time you come to the end of the album as it’s clear there is talent at play here. It simply has to mature before becoming something throngs of people can rally behind.

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