Warbringer – Weapons of Tomorrow

Thrash metal is, sadly, one of those styles that I just don’t have much luck with when it comes in its purest form without being molded with black or death metal. I can recall maybe two albums at most in at least the past year that have caught my attention from the style, and that’s simply because a lot of the time bands from the style don’t do much to really stand out in any form. And it’s been recently that I’ve been needing another hit of some real good thrash, but haven’t been able to find any despite my best efforts. Re-enter Warbringer to deliver the goods yet again with their new album that raises the stakes another level to make for what’s arguably their best work to date.

Really, if you’ve heard anything from Warbringer, particularly their last album, “Woe to the Vanquished”, you’re basically in for the same train of thought with the ten tracks that make up “Weapons of Tomorrow”, but don’t let that make you think this album suffers from the tragic fate of the old copy and paste method. Quite literally everything about this new album from the intensity to the songwriting to the very melodies are much more intense from its predecessor, and to say that Warbringer has pulled it off with deadly mastery would be to downplay the excellence that they’ve served up here. Practically right from the beginning with the very tone of the screeching vocals giving us an idea as to how much more intense Warbringer is this time around, “Weapons of Tomorrow” pulls no punches whatsoever as each track is everything that a thrash fan could ask for but with much more built on top of it as Warbringer expands upon the tropes of thrash that can just as easily weigh down the genre if put in the wrong hands. Needless to say, Warbringer’s hands are anything but the wrong ones. There’s such ferocity and tenacity all throughout “Weapons of Tomorrow” such that it’s a real task just to pull yourself away from it as this is easily the most captivating thrash that I’ve heard in years, and this band knew exactly how to stretch that sensation out across literally every moment of this carnivorous record. It goes for the throat every chance it can and refuses to leave any sort of room for survivors, and Warbringer does it all in no less than truly exemplary fashion from the very beginning to the grinding halt that is the end. Just about everything about “Weapons of Tomorrow” is filled with what I need to get some true enjoyment out of thrash metal, and Warbringer knows exactly how to deliver it in the highest quality song after song without fail here.

By far, this is the most exciting work of all thrash that I’ve found myself listening to in far too long. It’s exciting, maniacal, and damn good with so much going in its favor as Warbringer expertly does everything in their power to bring it all to life without holding anything back nor allowing the quality to dip for even a second. There’s no two ways of putting it – “Weapons of Tomorrow” is an album for the new age of thrash fans out there as well as a beacon of hope for the veterans who believe the style is going downhill. If Warbringer is just a glimpse of the talent that will become the style’s future then we haven’t a thing to worry about.

“Weapons of Tomorrow” releases on April 24th via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “Weapons of Tomorrow” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Weapons of Tomorrow” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Warbringer on Twitter: @warbringerband

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