Death Courier – Necrotic Verses

It’s normally when I find myself stumbling through the Greek metal scene it’s thrash metal that I find myself listening to more often than not, but their death metal scene is much more than noteworthy as there’s always something that comes forth from the country before long that worms its way into my brain. That doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, but that’s just how the universe operates until it finally decides to throw something at my face for me to sink my teeth into. Tonight it came in the form of Death Courier with their upcoming album which is some much of everything I could ask for out of an album emulating the old school of the sound.

I’m more than open to see newer bands try their hand at recreating the classic sound of death metal through trial and error in order to show their reverence for the sound, but try as they may I firmly believe that the only ones who were there in the golden old days of the style where everything felt all the time. Behold, Death Courier whose formation in the late 80s and activity during the early days of the style before a hiatus ending in 2009 makes them an easy band to ask for old school material done right. What better than to ask it from a band that was there practically when it started? And, as if to answer an obvious question, “Nercrotic Verses” comes to us to deliver something nigh on intoxicating for anyone wanting some of that old school classiness. Everything about this album is oozing with that classic goodness that we’ve come to clamor for whether we know it or not. Riffs abound, unrelenting nastiness, vocals that are nigh on perfect for classic death metal, and a sense of musicianship that’s only fitting for an act like this: spectacular. We can clearly see right from the onset that “Necrotic Verses” keeps everything tight and fast with only one track going anywhere far past four minutes, but every one of those songs are overflowing with a ferocious spirit that constantly eats away at your very soul as Death Courier shows us they have a clear understanding of their craft. And really, there isn’t much more to this album than that and Death Courier makes it work all too well. This is quite a stripped-down approach to old school death metal without much wiggle room to bring in anything all that new to the table but it all sounds delectable no matter what angle you approach at it from! It’s an album made for those who just want their death metal now and as unadulterated as it could be and “Necrotic Verses” definitely delivers!

There’s nothing quite like a straight forward death metal album that doesn’t hold anything back as the band is more concerned with the quality of the material itself rather than trying to cater to the tropes of the style or sounding overly heavy or vicious to stand out in a genre where that’s the norm. Death Courier does a tremendous job at every turn here to bring the old school back to us in truly exemplary fashion, and I wouldn’t dare to not recommend this to every classic death metal fan that’s looking for the next record to sink their teeth into.

“Necrotic Verses” releases on June 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced songs from “Necrotic Verses” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Death Courier on Facebook here.

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