Psalmtanic – Psalmtanic Verses

Seeing any number of bands try to bring something different to the world of black metal or even taking the style to then warp it into something completely different is far from a novel idea, but it’s not too often that we see it done to a degree that can deliver on the promise of actually sounding good. It’s usually some mess that just falls apart before it has any hope of coming together without even having a fighting chance. I dreaded that Psalmtanic would become another example of that when I dove into their upcoming work, but I was pleasantly met with the opposite.

It would be a lie to call this just black metal by any sort, but there is a clear core of black metal in what’s done throughout “Psalmtanic Verses” with loads of so much of what feels like every other kind of metal expertly layered on top of it. Here we get classy layers of death metal, post-metal, progressive metal, and even pop-metal across four tracks. Sounds like a fucking mess destined to fail, doesn’t it? Somehow, though, Psalmtanic pulls it together as though it was a concoction meant to be and it comes out sounding way too interesting for even an open black metal fan to not want to check out because of how well it’s pulled off here. With four tracks that clock in to almost 40 minutes total, “Psalmtanic Verses” is constantly keeping the listener guessing as to just what exactly is coming next because Psalmtanic never repeats the same thing even once as to keep their sound evolving into entirely new directions without even the slightest hesitation as to where exactly the journey will take them. It’s creative exploration that works out in the best of ways as we can really see what Psalmtanic can throw down with all the creative freedom that they have to sift through, and it’d be one hell of an argument to convince me otherwise that everything about “Psalmtanic Verses” isn’t done to the highest degree of quality possible. From beginning to end, Psalmtanic doesn’t disappoint with their unique sound and it’s the exact kind of shit that’ll keep me crawling back for more.

Albums that can keep you guessing will always have a special place in my soul as music is something that should keep you guessing at times, and there’s no denying that Psalmtanic absolutely met that criteria throughout this album. It’s a very fun listen with plenty for many metal fans of all sorts of different flavors to enjoy from “Psalmtanic Verses”, and I do hope this creative work gets the attention it deserves.

“Psalmtanic Verses” releases on March 31st!

LISTEN to the single from “Psalmtanic Verses”, “Naglet Til Et Kors På Jorden”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Psalmtanic on Facebook here.

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