Final Days Society – Firestarter

The luxury of being able to turn on some music and felt like I’m floating in a dream is one that I’ll never get tired of given the fact that it has virtually endless possibilities with what the bands will be able to take it when it comes down to the sheer direction. There is an endless number of bands that have been able to do such a concept well for decades now, and it has yet to wane on me with how magical it can be. Bands like Final Days Society keep the sound going amazingly well despite all the other bands doing it, but it’s here with their upcoming album that we see it done pretty damn well.

You know you’ve done it well and right when you can hit that play button, lay back in your chair or furniture of choice, and just become lost in the music that you’re listening to without having to even think about it as the band in question really knows how to capture your imagination and keep it without fail. It’s something that someone like me can never get tired of, and to say that Final Days Society pulled it off without a hitch would be to practically insult the quality that they brought forth here for this album. By no means is “Firestarter” an amazingly grandiose work of its kind, there’s no denying that what’s been made here has the potential to blossom into something beautiful, and this is as good of a foundation as I could possibly ask for no matter which way you slice it. Final Days Society keeps us enchanted with their dreamlike melodies and heavenly musicianship that really brings everything together so nicely that it’s damn near impossible to turn off if you’re even a small fan of the sound as it becomes clear really quickly that this band knows exactly what they’re doing right from the onset and this entire album is proof of just that. It brings together all the elements of what makes post-rock so intriguing to begin with, and even though the elements could’ve been balanced just a little better or something different could’ve been done overall there’s no denying that what’s been done here with “Firestarter” is nothing that should be taken lightly.

Plenty of what’s done here is absolutely on the right train in the right lane. We just need to be patient to see that train reach its true destination, for Final Days Society shows us that they’re definitely close to it but they’re just not quite there, and I can’t help but feel they’ll reach that point of excellence really soon if we just wait for it. “FIrestarter” is a great place for any band to be in at any point in time which I know for a fact this act will top in virtually no time.

“Firestarter” releases on April 10th!

LISTEN to the single, “Aska”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Final Days Society on Facebook here.

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