Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion

I’ve always been a fan of whenever a band, or any single, can find new ways to express themselves in music via many different styles over their time such that we can look back on their work years later to say that they did a damn good job just being themselves through their music. Normally, it would take a band at least ten years to make multiple solid bodies of work that we can digest, reflect, and appreciate their different styles much like how we can with bands like Inter Arma. Igorrr, though, lets us do all of that in just one fucking album.

The thing with albums like these where one guy seems to try at least ten different things across fourteen different tracks is that, more often than not, the person creating it all doesn’t take the time to actually make it work and, thus, having to sound good in the end for us to really appreciate what they’re going for. With Igorrr, you’re left astounded by the creativity, caught off guard by the blending of such vastly different sounds, and bewildered by how well he can make it work. The act’s work has become something that many people talk about in recent years, but in no other body of work is it more prevalent than here with “Spirituality and Distortion”. There’s so much happening within this album that a casual few listens to it isn’t anywhere near enough to appreciate what Igorrr has brought to the table here. You know those albums that just seem to work way too well despite everything feels like it’s going against the album from our pre-conceived notions of what music “should” sound like but the act in question manages to pull it together despite it all? “Spirituality and Devotion” is just that but on fucking steroids.

There are so many incredible flavors here that all share the spotlight throughout this album, but by far my favorite has to be where the clear traditional Eastern influence comes in. I adore that sound when it’s done justice, and Igorrr brought it to this warped craft beautifully across four tracks that give the album real life that carries the entire performance in my opinion. But in no way did the outside ten tracks need any sort of help of that sort. We’re treated to an absolute menagerie of different sounds from a classy Corpsegrinder cameo, whatever the fuck is happening in the bizarre excellence of “Kung Fu Chevre”, and even the electronic elements that, while still not really my cup of tea, are worked in pretty damn well all things considered. It only goes to show how all-encompassing the talent of Igorrr is as every ounce of “Spirituality and Distortion” is something to behold all together as every moment has something special and unique going on that makes the entirety of this album a real guessing game as to just what exactly will be thrown our way next, and it’s rare that you could ever accurately guess what’s coming.

Albums like these are rare, there’s no questioning that. But just witnessing everything that’s done here in “Spirituality and Distortion” is enough for any single listener to see that Igorrr is a far cry from any conventional act that seeks to put out any single experience in even an album as this work is as sporadic as it is fun. There isn’t a single thing I’d want to change about this piece as it’s one of the most unique listens I’ve had in a long time, and it’s definitely something I’ll come crawling back to for years.

“Spirituality and Distortion” releases on March 27th via Metal Blade Records!

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