The Flesh – Vehicle of Ruin

It’s not terribly often that I find myself going out of my way to find some punk that I can really sink my teeth into, but when the mood strikes me I’m hellbent on finding something good. Stumbling upon The Flesh, I didn’t realize just what exactly I had found when I first hit that play button, and, by my standards at least, this find is something that’s definitely one of the best pieces of punk-metal fusion that I’ve heard in far too long.

What I really like about combinations like this is how amazingly powerful they can be at the drop of a hat without the band breaking a single sweat, and then to have it continue in each track without even having to think about it. That fact goes double for the entirety of “Vehicle of Ruin” as The Flesh has absolutely nailed that concept by the end of the first song, so it’s the entirety of this near 20-minute album that really shows us what this band is made of as they bring forth the unbridled rage of punk with the undeniably aggressive edge of metal that sucks people like me right in and it goes without saying that it makes for quite a bombastic listen as soon as you start up this record. Right off the bat, we’re given a sound that stays consistent throughout all of “Vehicle of Ruin”, but instead of running the sound into the ground by making it abhorrently boring or uninspired, The Flesh accomplishes the much-coveted feat of making it awesome in every moment to make it so that by the time this album grinds to its end it has left a damn good impact on the listener because of how fiery the album is right from the beginning, and The Flesh makes it work way too well. Quite literally everything about this album has everything going for it. From the zesty riffs to the untempered ferocity of it all to the vocals that could wake the fucking dead, what is there not to enjoy about “Vehicle of Ruin”? It feels catered to people that like their intensity real quick and brimming with untouchable rage with every second having a shit ton of excellence to call its own, and The Flesh knows how to maximize every single second of it all to the absolute fullest!

Everything about “Vehicle of Ruin” is done with deadly precision and masterful handling of a sound that can easily fall apart and it’s honestly to the point where I haven’t been able to stop listening to it for hours because of how simply intoxicating it is right from the get-go. The Flesh is easily a band that demands to be heard by any fan of either punk, metal, or both as it has plenty to sink your teeth into immediately, and I can’t wait to see what else they can dish out in the future!

LISTEN to “Vehicle of Ruin” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Flesh on Facebook here.

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