Henry Kane – Age of the Idiot

At this end of the extremely brief grind streak that I’ve been on in the last few weeks, there was one name in particular that I was very excited to check out: Henry Kane. It was this one-man grind act that caught my eye with Henry Kane’s debut a few years ago, and now that my taste for grind has matured if only slightly, I was really interested to see what this sophomore effort could bring forth. With quality content only Jonny Pettersson can deliver on such a consistent basis, this work fucking smashes!

Having such a fitting name like “Age of the Idiot” along with the pedigree that Jonny Pettersson has made for himself over the years with already tantalizing grind on top of that, what wasn’t there to look forward to when I first dove into this album? There was very little doubt that this work would disappoint, but the universe rarely does what I want it to so I did my best to remain “professional” going into “Age of the Idiot”, and it’s hours later that I can shed such a facade being this record is fucking top! Quite literally everything about this album from its clusterfuck cover art gives us a marvelous work of grind that’s just as varied as it is immensely brutal across all nineteen tracks with there not being a single one of them lacking an intoxicating riff, unparalleled craftsmanship, or ferocity that instantly boils blood or scrambles the brain, and Henry Kane knows how to capitalize on every one of those aspects to the maximum at every turn. This is an album catered to those who just want some world-class grind, and I couldn’t think of a better act to deliver it on a scale like this with such consistent quality to boot. It’s extremely fitting that Pettersson could forge such an album between all of his many other projects that he always has going on as this has the feeling of it being constantly tweaked for years day in and day out only to be released when its creator is all but beyond satisfied with what he’s thrown on the table for us to lap up, and you can truly feel that in every paint-peeling note. By far, this one of the most enjoyable records of all of grind that I’ve heard before and will become one of the very few that I listen to on an extremely constant basis because there isn’t one song here that I’d consider my favorite because they’re all fucking awesome!

It’s rare for such a record from this style to strike me the way this album has, but I couldn’t think of a better band to sway me this way than the likes of Henry Kane! Right from the beginning to excruciating end, there isn’t a single thing of “Age of the Idiot” that’s not to rave over, and listening to it is just a gift that keeps on giving,

“Age of the Idiot” releases on May 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Age of the Idiot” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Henry Kane on Facebook here.

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