Arcane Tyrant – …The War Rages On

Creating something epic and fun at the same time is an extremely difficult task that only the best of metal acts can bring to life with even moderate success as it can be hard to make it without supreme amounts of cheese piercing the whole work. Power metal, especially, has challenges doing it well, but it’s with Arcane Tyrant’s latest work that we see it brought to the table fantastically that shows on virtually every level.

If you’re going to create something that has any amount of cheese in it whether it be some classic-sounding heavy metal or power metal like what we have here, you need to be damn sure you don’t put too much in there. Cheese is delicious, but too much can clog up the works and everything starts to fall apart slowly, and it’s here with “…The War Rages On” that Arcane Tyrant has managed to put in just the right amount of cheddar for this particular release such that I’d be hard-pressed to find a power metal record in recent times that I found this enjoyable. That being said, there’s not really much done here that we haven’t seen before from any number of other acts of the style, but there’s no dancing around the fact that Arcane Tyrant approached this album with the exact right mindset in order to make something both catchy, interesting, and fun all at the same time. Every piece that we find within the confines of “…The War Rages On” is something that so many other power metal acts can learn something from as everything needed to make an interesting piece of style is at play here, but Arcane Tyrant just barely reaches their mark even though there’s no question that the whole of this record is a fun ride no matter which way you slice it.

This is a work made out of a clear passion for the style, and it shows at every turn with Arcane Tyrant easily making it one of the more intriguing works of the style that I’ve had the fortune of listening to in a long time. Loads of what “…The War Rages On” brings to the table can only be categorized as a damned good and fun time, and each song has something that every fan of the style can latch onto without having to even think about it.

LISTEN to “…The War Rages On” on Bandcamp here.

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