The Fre3 Bastards – Loud Heavy Rock For All

 The very concept of friends getting together to play music in their garage for the pure sake of the joy of jamming out is something that can really help a band just feel cohesive as one unit that moves as one while plenty of other acts feel splintered to just throw together an album hoping to make a quick buck. The Fre3 Bastards were far from a band that impressed me to great lengths with their last work, but it’s their adherence to feeling like friends jamming together that helps make their newest work a fun piece to listen to.

It’s easy to come together in your garage or basement and slowly piece together something that you can eventually call an album to put out out the internet for whatever to happen. But crafting something that can easily be seen as poignant in essence while also dishing out something just to do it out of fun can be so much more interesting, and The Fre3 Bastards is a prime example of that with the entirety of their upcoming work, “Loud Heavy Rock For All”, being a care-free album that’s just out to have a good time. The whole level of quality for this album stays relatively the same almost no matter what song you’re looking at as you can really feel that The Fre3 Bastards poured their souls into this creation to make it one of the most genuine-feeling alternative rock albums that we’ve gotten in some time. “Loud Heavy Rock For All” is an incredibly simple title for an incredibly simple album, but there isn’t a single part of it that feels like it’s a detriment to be simple because, sometimes, that all you need to have a good time. Nothing fancy or crazy. No going all out to try and make it on the radio. Just having a good time and recording whatever it is that happens. That’s what it feels like when listening to The Fre3 Bastards, and I couldn’t ask for it any other way.

Rock can easily be just as exciting as it can be amazingly uninspired, and it’s thanks to bands like The Fre3 Bastards that we can still say we see it done right on a damn good consistent basis such that their releases are definitely something to look forward to. There’s nothing like being able to listen to some good rock on a nice drive with the window down, and “Loud Heavy Rock For All” definitely fits such a bill.

“Loud Heavy Rock For All” releases on 

LISTEN to The Fre3 Bastards on Bandcamp here.

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