Neaera – s/t

To stand out in any crowd that’s constantly overflowing with new material, you need to do something that makes you stand out from that crowd. Some bands try to do something crazy in order to shine like a flashlight in the middle of a cave, but most other acts try something that is always in the back of the mind even if many aren’t aware of it despite how amazingly simple it is: being good. It can be a tall order, but it’s enough to draw in many people if done right, and I can’t help but feel that’ll be the case with Neaera’s upcoming effort.

Even just being melodic death metal can get more people interested in your work simply because it’s a lot more accessible than “normal” death metal purely because the melody can draw people in like flies to honey even if it’s only subconsciously. It’s definitely something that drew me into this album and one that helped me stick around in order to hear just what Neaera could bring to the table for their seventh full-length album. And even though my only problem with this eponymous work is that the whole of it just sounds too monotone for my liking with each of the tracks feeling way too similar at times, there’s no denying that Neaera hit their mark with this vicious selection. The vocals aren’t as deep as some would prefer for melodic death metal, but Neaera still managed to deliver a listen that really pummels the listener the way the style really should in just about every scenario, and each track of this album uses that to its advantage even in the quick intro track. There’s no parting away from the madness nor any relieve from the chaos with the very instruments being enough to crack the sky while the vocals call forth the stars down to the earth in order to incinerate us into oblivion, and in every instance, it’s done with great potency that keeps the listener engaged. Neaera made this album with plenty of soul and even though at times it can feel like a by-the-books piece for melodic death metal, there’s no beating around the bush when saying that they delivered the product that they wanted which helps make this record feel a lot more genuine compared to its competition.

There are plenty more eccentric works out there that will constantly make this style a colorful landscape no matter which way you slice it, but there will never be anything wrong with keeping things more by the numbers if it means you can deliver when it comes to doing it and Neaera is certainly capable of that as we can see throughout the entirety of their seventh effort.

“Neaera” releases on February 28th via Metal Blade Records!

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