Oratory – IV

Whenever we think of anything related to black metal, we tend to think of something extreme with an icy edge to it all that could drain the very light out of the universe if it so desired, and something along the same lines, albeit more anarchy, can be said about punk. So, an instrumental take that can really feel to be quite uplifting at times is certainly apart from the norm that we’ve come to associate them with, but that didn’t stop Oratory from making it sound damn good with his latest work.

Even just calling “IV” blackgaze would be a slight exaggeration at the amount of black metal that’s at play here as it’s always being paired with punk in such a way that definitely amplifies it in its own way, but it takes away a very big part of that edge we’ve come to know. Even the punk elements aren’t as voracious as they’re mixed with post elements, but Oratory makes it work pretty damn well with “IV”. With the addition of being an instrumental work, there’s so much more of the unexpected going into this album that I was expecting in just about every capacity, and it really seems as though Oratory plays off those expectations even if it didn’t mean to. There’s loads of intrigue spread throughout “IV” such that if you’re expecting a more normalized version of blackgaze you’ll get a decent kick out of it, but those that want their music to constantly be trying new things whether it be just sounding a little different or even incorporating a different style to really shake things up will find tons more to sink their teeth into as Oratory delivers a listen that’s ripe for investigation.

It’s an interesting listen to say the least, and while it is a far cry from anything that I’d call great, there’s no denying that “IV” has all the right kinds of energy followed up by the proper attitude that’s needed for a solid work of this kind. Plenty of what Oratory poured into this record turned out for the better, without doubt, and it should go without saying that if he continues his foray into other styles that his experimentations won’t be without fruit.

LISTEN to “IV” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Oratory on Facebook here.

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