Duskwood – The Lost Tales

Man, this year really does feel like the year where anything related to psychedelia is just one a completely different level than ever before, and bands both new and old seem to be coming out of the woodwork just to keep melting my fucking brain with what they bring to the table. It seems that way so far, anyway, and at this rate, my entire end-year list will be overflowing with psychedelia more than ever before. But of all the bands that I was expecting to melt my brain along the same lines as what King Buffalo, Lord Buffalo, and Big Scenic Nowhere were able to, Duskwood was not one of them but it’s with their second EP that they’ve quickly returned to impress yet again.

Their EP from last year, “The Long Dark”, was one of those albums that got a good bit of support and was making the rounds quite a bit on Bandcamp, and for good reason! It’s a very tantalizing album that gives us yet another new band to keep our eyes on given the quality that’s oozing out of all four of the songs that we’re offered from the EP. But, sadly, it was just one of those pieces that I didn’t investigate last year for one reason or another, so knowing that Duskwood had already put together a follow-up in the form of “The Lost Tales” I refused to let it pass me by as well. Continuing right where they left off, it’s here with Duskwood’s space cowboy-themed desert rock that “The Lost Tales” impresses, yet again, on every single track without even a minute of diminishing intrigue passing us by. The only complaint I could ever possibly have with this release is that it doesn’t go on long enough because I just want more of this delicious concoction, and if you’re scared that this EP changes anything from what Duskwood pulled off with “The Long Dark”, fear not! As the second part in an episodic series of EPs that Duskwood will be (hopefully) continuing after “The Lost Tales”, this work carries on the same exact tone, attitude, and quality as its predecessor such that they could be combined into one epic full-length and I’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to not buy the shit out of that other than my wallet being more dust-ridden than a dead planet. This is very much an EP that makes my very face tingle when I listen to it, and Duskwood knows how to deliver on every fucking front whether it’s drums that make your hair stand on end, strings that effortlessly shift from being extremely trippy to head-banging material, or the vocals that carry the tales with utmost awesomeness.

Simply put, this is a work that has absolute volumes of personality and class packed into just four songs that it becomes all but irresistible to those who venture into its glorious confines. Duskwood already raised eyebrows and interest with their first EP, but it’s here with “The Lost Tales” that their talent and excellence becomes all but undeniable as it’s a truly rock-solid work that’s more than ripe to be built upon by a band that already knows what they’re fucking doing. Whereas the likes of Howling Giant has given us a fantastic series of episodic EPs for the realm of rock like this, it’s here that Duskwood gives them a run for their money with their own series that does not disappoint in the slightest.

“The Lost Tales” releases on February 28th!

LISTEN to Duskwood on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Duskwood on Facebook here.

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