Slave One – Omega Disciples

After six years of doing these reviews, I find it quite enjoyable knowing that if I just give them enough time, I’ll find myself reviewing bands more than once whether it be what at least once a year like with Esoctrilihum, every three years at least like with Inter Arma, or over a much longer span. I can’t remember off the top of my head when I had last heard Slave One with their previous album, but it was upon listening to their brand new work that I realized I should have gone back to their work much sooner. Yet, it’s here that this band shows us what they’re really made of.

Almost right off the bat from the very cover art, I felt like there was going to be something different about Slave One this time around. Sure, there was still the death metal that truly does go for the throat and is unrelenting in the best way possible, but everything is brought up to a much higher level with “Omega Disciples” than their previous effort in ways that just any single track off the album will be able to display without needing any sort of explanation. There’s very much a technical side to what Slave One brings to the table with this record, but it never fully steps out of the shadows to become like a tech-death work that so many others of the style like to proudly flaunt at every turn. Instead, “Omega Disciples” sticks with the tried and true method of just beating the shit out of the listening with every ounce of power that the instruments can muster while the vocals are what sheperd the poor damned souls of the victims to a fiery afterlife where the remainder of this album is both punishment and salvation of its own unique sort. Each track comes together gloriously to provide us with a tantalizing work that’s as foreboding as it is unforgiving in its ferocity yet wreathed in loads of flavor that constantly delivers on a level that many other acts wish they could provide on, and Slave One does so with immense strength and precision.

Everything about “Omega Disciples” from its sheer construction to its quality blew me away in such a way that I was not expecting in the slightest, and I can’t help but say for a fact that this band has increased greatly since their last effort, and it’s with no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they will astound us yet again before we know it. Plenty of the confines of this album show us that Slave One are poised to truly become a name to know, and I can happily say that this work is that much needed first step.

LISTEN to “Omega Disciples” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Slave One on Facebook here.

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