Rotting Kingdom – A Deeper Shade of Sorrow

The modern state of the entire realm of death metal is something that I can’t help but feel should not be scoffed at simply because of how fucking good it is right now despite what many other narrow-minded listeners may say. Very few bands can embody that as well as newer acts can since they can really breathe new life into the style with seemingly little effort or even the intention to do so. Rotting Kingdom did immensely well with that on their debut EP, and, somehow, it’s here on their first full-length that they immensely improve in every area.

Infusing some classy elements of doom into their already delicious brand of death metal the likes of which only a handful of other bands can accomplish on their first go, but it was with their initial EP not too long ago that Rotting Kingdom impressed on a level that most, if anyone, was not expecting given just how well they pulled it off. So, upon finding out that this band was preparing their first full-length, what reason is there to not get excited? Surely, nothing, and it’s only upon listening to the grandeur that is “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” that we can really grasp just how excellent at their craft Rotting Kingdom is with their doom-flavored death metal is the sort of thing that is nigh on delectable no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Every track that graces “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” are the exact sort of material that many people are always looking for whether they know it or not, and the sound that Rotting Kingdom constantly brings forth all throughout this record is astonishing to listen to whether it’s the first spin or the tenth. It’s an absolutely intoxicating listen for fans of both death and doom the likes of which perfectly come together for a listen that’s just as beautifully macabre as it is amazingly well put together, and in every way, Rotting Kingdom should feel proud of what they’ve created here as it’s nothing to be scoffed at whatsoever and it’s surely a bar they’ll excel beyond in no time whatsoever I’m sure.

The whole realm of death/doom has been on quite a streak for the past year and it seems that it’s only likely to continue as Rotting Kingdom provides us with something that is no small achievement by any means and I do hope to see many flock to this wondrous work. Every facet of “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” brings everything great to the table in the blink of an eye, and it’s with each step that Rotting Kingdom only further shows us just how deadly of an act they are.

“A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” releases on March 13th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Rotting Kingdom on Facebook here.

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