Stonus – Aphasia

There have already been a shit ton of great rock acts to come out this year with, as always, so much more to go from bands both new and old. Arguably, though, for me, it’s the new bands whose fresh material that I look forward to the most because diversity and new blood, even if it’s nothing crazy fresh or such, can make for a great new experience. I wasn’t expecting that going into Stonus’s debut, but it’s what they gave nonetheless.

I wasn’t expecting a whole hell of a lot when I first went into this album, and while Stonus didn’t bring anything really all that new to the table in many different forms that shakes up the world of rock, it’s at just about every turn with “Aphasia” that they deliver a performance that is no less than electrifying. Just about everything that’s poured into this seven-track album creates the exact sort of top-tier rock experience that so many people are clamoring for as the heavier end of rock that’s always wreathed in tantalizing riffage, and Stonus delivers in fucking heaps here. From the intro that really grips your attention before the actual rock of “Aphasia” kicks the door down with no sort of hesitation whatsoever as Stonus shows us track after track just what exactly they’re made of with their debut full-length. In no small way, it’s a record that sets a bar like few others since every inch of what we’re treated to here delivers constantly as Stonus impresses time after time, and, like I said, even though no major ground has been broken here within the confines of “Aphasia”, there’s no denying that what has been created here is special in many of its own ways. This is already an album that I had a hard time ripping myself away from in order to write this review, and I can’t help but feel that more will follow upon this record’s release.

The sheer number of notable rock albums that come out every year that range from notable to absolutely staggering is way too large to even think about counting, and it becomes really clear by the end of this record that Stonus definitely meets that criteria with their debut being far more than just notable. So much about what makes “Aphasia” great is in its loyalty to all that is modern rock, and the whole of the record flourishes because of that.

“Aphasia” releases on March 6th!

LISTEN to Stonus on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Stonus on Facebook here.

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