Late – The One and I

Whenever I delve into any sort of instrumental band and think about whatever they may put forth in the future, I never really think about the possibility of them gaining a vocalist. Such a transition is very much trading one obvious dynamic for another and not many bands can make it with grace and ease. Despite being the debut album from Late, you can really feel that initial instrumental nature at the core of it all, but they make the shift with surprising potency.

I’ve always been a consistent fan of instrumental music of all kinds because of the unique power and vibes that it can bring to the table when done right, and progressive metal isn’t something that I’ve seen in an instrumental format often, but I already know damn well it has the potential be something very interesting. I would’ve been very keen to dive into what Late could’ve brought to us as an instrumental piece, but everything about “The One and I” is more glorious than I could’ve asked for no matter how I look at it. Every track that’s splayed here before us has loads of twists and turns that constantly keeps the listener gripped as Late consistently impresses with so many different factors whether they be vocals that are as smooth as liquid gold or instrumentation that’s absolutely beautiful to behold from just about every single angle that you look at it from. So much of “The One and I” is not nearly as grandiose as what many big progressive works are like, but that doesn’t mean this work lacks flair or intrigue as Late are clear experts at delivering at a surprisingly consistent rate that helps make the whole of this album a treat that’s hard to put down. This is just the debut album from Late and, already, we can see that they are far from an act that’s to be underestimated as each and every track that graces “The One and I” is clearly a work that many bands wish they could create at any point of their run, and, somehow, Late does it with true skill and grace on just their first go.

There’s so much potential constantly on display all throughout this work, but there’s also something lurking beneath the surface of “The One and I” that’s just yearning to be set free so that we can really see just what exactly this band is made of. I’ve no doubt that they’ll top this work in no time, but, until then, it’s here that Late shows us that they’re a new name that many fans of the style should definitely become familiar with.

LISTEN to “The One and I” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Late on Facebook here.

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