The Riot Peddlers – Strength in Dumbers

India used to be a country that I would actively seek out material from on a regular basis mainly thanks to the likes of Transcending Obscurity bringing to light just how rich the country’s metal scene is as a whole, but I’ve been taking a small break from it as to not burn myself out on it. Recently, I’ve been finding myself wanting to get back into it and I was wondering what band was going to bring me back in. Thinking it was going to be something like Primitiv or Fragarak that’ll do it for me, it’s with their first work in several years that The Riot Peddlers really surprised me.

Crossover has long been a sound that I’ve been interested in ever since Iron Reagan first brought it to my ears with their debut album, and the style has only gotten better over time for me. I had also heard of The Riot Peddlers here and there, but nothing substantial such that I’d be compelled to seek them out. Yet, when I first learned that they had new material out, then I immediately went for it. Indian crossover thrash; three magic words to my ears. The whole of “Strength in Dumbers” is barely over 11 minutes in length, and, somehow, they make it work perfectly. Across five tracks that vary in tone from sarcastic to grounded in reality, The Riot Peddlers’ first release in eight years does anything but fall flat upon arrival and it’s an incredibly fun piece to listen to whether you’re here to just little to some crossover or here to hear what The Riot Peddlers’ have to say about the current climate of society such that “Strength in Dumbers” is quite an infectious work right from the beginning. This is not something that I’d call great nor is it even the best of what crossover has brought to the table, but in no way is this EP something that should be scoffed at because by the end of the first track it’s clear that the work is already better than some albums from plenty of other acts of the style that pepper the underground, and the sheer presence of The Riot Peddlers carries them through each track and by the last defiant note you’re simply left wanting more chaos the likes of which only bands and pieces like this can elicit.

I’d be very keen to see a full-length album from these guys, but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon simply given the gap between releases that just came to an end, but, even then, “Strength in Dumbers” has more than plenty to call its own that many fans both new and old will surely get loads of enjoyment out of. No matter what way you look at it from, The Riot Peddlers are back and they’ve busted into the new decade with real force and purpose!

LISTEN to “Strength in Dumbers” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Riot Peddlers on Facebook here.

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