Altesia – Paragon Circus

It’s not terribly often that we get a progressive record that just feels fun in its essence. Typically, we get stuff that’s far more serious than it has to be, and that can be a little soul-draining at times because if you can really feel that the band in question is having a shit ton of fun, you can really hear that throughout the material. With their debut album, Altesia provides us with a perfect example as to just what exactly that entails.

When I first saw that cover, I didn’t realize just how exactly sporadic or even free-spirited the material inside would be and I figured we would get some form of progressive metal that I wasn’t even going to try and guess given the style’s range in sound. By the end of “Paragon Circus”, though, I got an idea as to just what exactly Altesia had brought to the table for this album. Even after listening to it for hours, the music that’s held within this album is hard to nail down simply because of how easily it shifts from one thing to another whether it be due to some sort of orchestration thrown into the background or some amazing vocals that never once let you down. It’s hard to not claim that “Paragon Circus” has it all when it comes down to what’s needed for in order to just have a damn good time with progressive metal that doesn’t feel too serious or feel like it has to have a dreary theme to it in order for people to treat it seriously. It comes together brilliantly such that by the time that the nearly hour-long run time of “Paragon Circus” comes to a close, you’re left wondering how in the fuck the time went by so quickly despite most of the tracks here stretching well over ten minutes.

It becomes effortless to lose yourself in a piece like this, and it really goes to show just how talented Altesia is as this is just their debut album and I continue to have a hard time wrapping my head around that given the overwhelming excellence that we’re treated to constantly here. There’s very little that you can go wrong with when taking “Paragon Circus” into account, and this band should be very proud of what they’ve created.

LISTEN to “Paragon Circus” on Bandcamp here.

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