God Dethroned – Illuminati

There are many, many different flavors of death metal out there to where we really do have the luxury of picking and choosing just what exactly what we want to listen to whenever we want. But, the great majority of the time, we just want death metal that fucking smashes us right upside our heads with no mercy, don’t we? That doesn’t narrow the list by any means and a band needs to show exceptional quality in order to stand out, and God Dethroned has been doing that for years.

It would be a stretch to say that God Dethroned really shakes up the sound that they’ve had going for decades now when creating this new effort, but that doesn’t mean whatsoever that they take the easy path by making something that’s hardly interesting even in its best moments. With “Illuminati”, there’s loads of upfront intensity that, obviously, comes with the territory whenever you go into this corner of the music world, and God Dethroned does a pretty solid job of setting themselves apart from the run-of-the-mill acts that are and will always be rampant throughout the scene, but it’s always done with subtlety. Whether it’s in the form of a sneaky riff that really knows how to get right underneath your skin or some keys that add a great, however thin, sheet of atmosphere over the crushing death metal that’s on full blast for all of “Illuminati”. God Dethroned, for the most part, stick the guns that they have been for quite a while now and it’s still doing wonders for them no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. There isn’t much that God Dethroned has done with this album that could be considered unsavory or not worth the time of the listener even a little bit as each song as a nice strength to call its own, and it’s by the end of this record that one cannot help but feel that they’ve definitely heard a record that’s definitely not for the norm when all of death metal is taken into account.

While far from anything that I’d call groundbreaking by any means, I still can’t look at “Illuminati” and say that it’s a bad record purely because it’s anything but and the band knows that they’ve created something very interesting to say in the least. Right from the start, God Dethroned sets the bar for the entirety of this record and it’s with that the quality is constantly carried through it over oceans of blood.

“Illuminati” releases on February 7th via Metal Blade Records!

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