Harbinger of Storms – Jupiter

If you look closely, or not that close at all, really, you might notice that there is somewhat of an unintended war going on between many bands that inhabit the land of doom metal whether bands or listeners know it or not when it comes to pure loudness. It would seem an unspoken law has come about that boils down to “louder = better”. And, obviously, that’s not always true, and I couldn’t think of a better example of just that than with the latest EP from the one-man project that is Harbinger of Storms.

Don’t get me wrong. I love some loud doom. Hell, it was with Eremit who put out my favorite album of last year that we got some of the fattest and loudest doom that I’ve ever heard in my life, but volume doesn’t always mean that quality is assured. Pulling back to show the young ones just how well a calculated strike can be, it’s with “Jupiter” and just four tracks that Harbinger of Storms has crept onto the scene to present us with something that’s as thoughtful as it is enjoyable. Where many bands seek to throw down a nice riff and ride that for the whole song, it’s here in just about every track of “Jupiter” that you can really feel and hear the composition that’s at work as the vocals soar like the wind and as just as smooth, the strings can be as melodic as they can be interestingly intense, and the variety between songs is a treat that just keeps on giving. You can really feel just how much Harbinger of Storms is holding back, but it couldn’t be done in any more positive of a light than if he tried, and it’s in every inch of “Jupiter” that the power and potency that’s on a tight leash is allowed to burst forth in select moments to give us quick satisfaction as to just what exactly this act can bring to the table. It’s the sort of shit that’ll be keeping you coming back for one morsel after another, and “Jupiter” is always more than happy to provide.

Small EPs like these can easily be lost in the absolute deluge of others, but it’s always a joy to see like “Jupiter” stand out amongst the others whether it be in a really big way or just by doing something ever so slightly different than the rest of the scene. Harbinger of Storms really shows us what it’s made of at every turn here, and I wouldn’t put it past this act for something great to come out bearing its name some time soon.

LISTEN to “Jupiter” on Bandcamp here.

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