Vofa – s/t

Ifa we were to pick a landscape that could perfectly encapsulate the very idea of doom metal in some of its heaviest forms, Iceland would not be the first place I’d think of but damn if it’s not an immaculate landscape for the sound! The cold reaches and the vast expanse are perfect for any sort of immensely heavy doom that pieces not just the ears but also the soul, and only seasoned musicians can bring the pair of style with a visualized locale great justice. That’s just the case we’ve gotten with Vofa as it’s with their eponymous work that such a concept has been pulled off gloriously.

While this is the first piece of work from this particular band, the members behind it are far from unfamiliar to the world of music and that goes double for metal as a whole as they’ve covered basically the entire spectrum and then some, but it’s here with Vofa that I feel we can safely say they’ve created their grandest achievement. This is a testament to the unforgiving realm that is funeral doom, and every single iota of this album does nothing but justice for the style from beginning to end. Whether it’s the fact that none of the three songs are less than 12 minutes or Vofa is undeniably heavy to a tremendous degree or how they can inject just a quick few moments of diversity that shows us both that Vofa understands the beautiful concept of keeping the listener on their toes and how even a little bit of unexpected speed can improve even the most lumbering of doom pieces tenfold. It’s with all of that and more that Vofa dominates at every turn as they show a clear mastery over this craft in such a way that many bands who have been around long enough to put out multiple albums still haven’t grasped, and it’s with each successive track that we see just how brilliant this act is with each progressing note. Vofa constantly impresses. There are no two ways about this album and I will vehemently argue with anyone who says otherwise because this work is truly something special and I just love how you can constantly sink your teeth into it in order to find something new in each morsel than what you found before, and if that isn’t the sign of a great album then I don’t know what is.

I really do wish I had discovered this album sooner for there is a damn good chance it likely would’ve ended up somewhere on my end-year lists, but better late than never, I suppose, and I very much treasure my discovery of this record for all that it’s worth. Vofa astounds at just about every turn, and it’s with each surprise after another that this band grows to something that should be seen as one of the more exciting bands for their style without question.

LISTEN to “Vofa” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vofa on Facebook here.

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