Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers

The very bottom of the underground of death metal is very much like a rotting log in the forest. It looks like it could fall apart at any second, but there are thousands of little insects keeping it strong, sapping away at that original source of unlife, and warping it into something of their own. It’s always moving with something new to find, and that’s precisely the case as to what’s happened here with Necrochaos whose death metal is the exact sort of thing you’d expect to see from the very underground, but it’s here that they pull it off in such a way that I haven’t seen for far too long.

How long is “too long”, exactly? Well, for me, a few months. Easily, the last and only time I’ve heard death metal pulled off like this that actually works in the favor of the band in question was Triumvir Foul as they truly succeed at their idea of caustic, acidic death metal that doesn’t even know the meaning of a pulled punch, and it was an absolutely thrilling ride to see another band do it well. Five tracks aren’t much to work with, but it’s here that Necrochaos did it with surprising potency despite not having a ton of diversity amongst the soundtrack which tends to happen. Yet, somehow, “Crawling Through Cadavers” really makes it work as it keeps you crawling through the crypts gasping for air as the very mist and moisture of the tombs close in around you, and Necrochaos is only here to slam the coffin lid on you come that last note for the finite substance that is life. It’s an incredibly claustrophobic listen to a great degree the likes of which death metal is not unfamiliar with, but it’s not often by any means whatsoever that it comes in this quality and I can only see such a fiery experience becoming more refined much so overtime as Necrochaos perfects their aural instruments of torture with future releases. There’s so much happening within the depths of “Crawling Through Cadavers” such that it takes a couple of listens and a few times of cracking open the proverbial rotting log in order to really see all that’s squirming around in this record, and every new spin provides a new little detail that managed to worm its way out of sight beforehand.

It would be easy to look into the vicious depths of this work and see it just as a band playing loud without any sort of concern if they sound good or not, but there’s a special flavor that Necrochaos injects into the album to make it much more than that as it takes death metal to one of its most voracious lengths which is saying something. It’s only the first release that we’ve heard from this band, but it’s with “Crawling Through Cadavers” that we see glimpses of what can very much be a promising underground act.

“Crawling Through Cadavers” releases on February 2nd via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Crawling Through Cadavers” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Necrochaos on Facebook here.

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